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Commercial and Business Law Attorneys Serving Southeastern Wisconsin

Business owners and managers typically have way too much on their plates to tend to details that are best left in the hands of other professionals. Enlisting the guidance of an experienced business law attorney is a sound investment for leaders who want to keep the path to success clear.

At Antonopoulos Legal Group, our clients have access to experienced, dedicated advocates who are knowledgeable about the areas that matter most: profitability, risk avoidance, regulatory compliance and efficiency in operations. We are lawyers who have our clients’ interests and bottom lines at the forefront at all times. When our business and commercial clients in southeastern Wisconsin do well, we consider our job well done.

Our Business Practice: Principles and Priorities

From the time of the initial consultation to the conclusion of a legal case, we keep our core values in mind and in action: honesty, hard work and loyalty. Our business clients have the reassurance that we will never advise them to do things that we do not believe will benefit them.

With 50 combined years of experience, we offer a family-like atmosphere along with modern approaches to legal issues such as:

  • Entity selection
  • Creation and negotiation of partnership agreements
  • Operational planning
  • Partnership disagreement problem solving
  • Advisement on mergers and acquisitions
  • Business-to-business contractual dispute resolution
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Plaintiff and defendant resolution of disputes over alleged negligence, intentional wrongdoing

We protect shareholders’ rights within corporations in Wisconsin. Our corporate law attorneys can assist shareholders in navigating complex corporate governance issues, such as voting rights, dividend distribution, fulfillment of board of directors’ responsibilities, and shareholder agreements.

We also represent LLCs and their members established in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha and the surrounding communities. Our attorneys remain current on updates to relevant laws, including the Wisconsin Uniform Limited Liability Company Law, known as “the WULLCL.” Changes from the prior LLC law include an opportunity to waive fiduciary obligations and the ability to access additional information from the company. Our attorneys welcome any inquiries from LLCs and their members regarding recent updates that may impact a company’s duties.

Depending on which side we are representing, we seek justice and compensation for those who have suffered due to negligence or defend clients from false accusations. Our experienced lawyers assist individuals and businesses in navigating the complexities of tort law, advocating for their rights and pursuing fair compensation for damages incurred.

Get a Waukesha Business Law Attorney Dedicated to Your Company’s Success

Many people see businesses as pots of money that they can tap into through loss claims and lawsuits. We are plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys who highly value consideration of the truth. If we bring claims on your behalf, we will see to it that the calls for justice are well founded. If we represent you as a defendant in business litigation, we will seek to persuade the judge in your case that those who have brought unfounded claims should be held responsible for paying what your legal fees cost.

To schedule a consultation about any business or commercial legal matter, call 262-649-5572. You can also send an email inquiry to our Wisconsin business law office for a prompt response.