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Types of Construction Contracts in Wisconsin

Choosing the right construction contract is a crucial step in the success of any construction project.

At Antonopoulos Legal Group, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined legal experience that they can use to guide construction clients in Elm Grove, Waukesha and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our lawyers know that good contracts are the best way to guard against future problems.

What Kinds Of Construction Contracts May Be Needed?

Different projects necessitate different approaches. Some of the most common construction contracts include:

  • Cost-plus construction contract: This type of contract is very useful when the scope of a project is unclear and quality is emphasized over price. The client pays for all materials plus a fee (profits) to the contractor.
  • Design and build contract: This combines two phases of the construction project and can eliminate a lot of disputes between designers and builders when speed is of the essence.
  • Guaranteed maximum price contract: This requires the contractor to commit to completing the project within a specified budget – or absorb the additional costs.
  • Incentive construction contract: This kind of contract offers performance-based rewards for contractors who meet or exceed production goals and can be very useful in encouraging efficiency.
  • Integrated project delivery contract: This is a multi-party agreement between the designer, builder and owner of the project and can help spread the risk and rewards fairly.
  • Lump-sum contract: Also called a “fixed-price contract,” this is an agreement where the contractor agrees to a predetermined fee. While it offers security for the client, it can be risky for the contractor.
  • Time and materials contract: This reduces the contractor’s risk when the cost of construction materials is unstable.

It is important to have an experienced construction law attorney evaluate your needs so that you use the right agreements.

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