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Protect Your Rights And Value In Real Estate

At Antonopoulos Legal Group in Waukesha, our attorneys have a strong commitment to assisting southeastern Wisconsin residents and businesses in real estate transactions and related legal services. If you need a real estate lawyer, ours have the skills needed to support you with any aspect of real estate law. Ask them about titles, foreclosures, boundary disputes, purchase or sale agreements, development, leasing, titles, easements or due diligence.

Our real estate law attorneys are reliable and capable, and they’re here to help guide you through purchases, sales, leases and more. We serve clients in Brookfield, Waukesha and the surrounding communities.

Titles, Title Searches And Quiet Title Actions

Title issues are vital concerns for buyers and sellers of property. Our real estate lawyers assist clients by conducting thorough title searches and examinations to uncover any potential problems that could affect property ownership in Wisconsin. They can resolve title defects and ensure that you have a clear and marketable title.

Our attorneys also work diligently to address legal matters involving liens, judgments, undisclosed interests and other problems that can lead to title disputes. Through quiet title actions, they aim to ensure that your rights as a property buyer, seller or owner are safeguarded.

Foreclosures And Boundary Disputes

Foreclosures can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging experiences for homeowners. Our attorneys possess extensive knowledge of foreclosure laws and procedures and can provide valuable guidance to homeowners facing potential foreclosures.

They will explore all available options, such as loan modifications or negotiations with lenders, to help you avoid foreclosure or find a solution that best suits your needs. If litigation becomes necessary, then our litigators will tirelessly advocate for your interests and rights in court.

If a boundary dispute has arisen between you and a neighboring property owner over property lines, easements or shared resources, turn to our real estate lawyers. These disputes can quickly escalate and strain relationships. They can help you resolve such disputes through negotiation, mediation or litigation. They will thoroughly analyze property deeds, surveys and other relevant documents to establish accurate boundaries and protect your property rights.

Commercial Real Estate: Buying, Selling, Leasing And Development

When it comes to commercial real estate, transactions can become increasingly complicated very quickly. An experienced commercial real estate attorney can be an invaluable asset to any commercial real estate transaction. They can help you:

  • Decide whether to buy or lease a commercial space: For example, buying builds equity but requires substantial capital upfront. There might be tax advantages to buying a property, but there will also be additional costs for extras like liability insurance.
  • Decide between purchasing land to develop or an existing space: There are advantages to both building new and developing an existing space. An experienced real estate attorney can help you assess the advantages and disadvantages within the framework of your specific situation.
  • Sell a commercial property: It can be difficult to know how to value a commercial property for sale. A lawyer can also help you evaluate your needs and expectations as well as think ahead to your next commercial real estate investment.
  • Develop commercial real estate: Whether you have purchased land to develop or an existing property to adapt to fit your needs, a commercial real estate attorney can assist with the many negotiations, transactions and contracts that are involved with each development opportunity.

No matter what commercial property you decide to investment in, a commercial real estate lawyer can counsel, advise and guide you through the transactions involved with your decision. Whether you’re reviewing or drafting a lease agreement, negotiating or executing the terms of a purchase agreement, or facilitating the building contracts needed for a development project, an experienced attorney can be a vital partner who will protect your business interests and contribute to the success of your project.

Protect Your Property Rights – Experience Our Team’s Dedication Firsthand

In real estate law, as in other practice areas, such as probate, our attorneys’ focus is on finding practical and cost-effective solutions that are designed to safeguard your interests while minimizing conflicts and disruption. Whether you have a banking concern or a commercial issue, our lawyers can help you with it.

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